What is Magic?

What is Magic (Series Book #2) is a companion-reader book for children and parents, exploring the basics – the nature of magic and what it can do! Whimsical illustrations and purposefully upbeat and simple language will delight the eye and open communication. Each book in the Pagan Children Learning Series is a beginner’s introduction that allows room for discussion of your family’s own beliefs in every lesson!

These books are great if you have a pagan family member or friend. Or if you child goes to school with a child that comes from a pagan family. I believe this series will be a great tool in educating and opening the minds of millions of children!

Charise Clarke

Amazon Review

I read this book to my 6-year-old daughter, and she seemed to enjoy it. I set it aside when we were done, and just left this and a few other books around the house. Within days, she had picked it up and was reading it to herself again, following up with questions for me. It’s been a fantastic conversation starter and a great resource for explaining to my daughter what I believe and why.

Nicole L.

Amazon Review

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The Pagan Children Learning Series is a series of books meant to open up communication between pagan parents and their children about their beliefs. We purposefully split the series up into many small topics, so that parents can more easily pick and choose which topics they want to present to their children. We have kept the topics as simple as possible so that you might expand with your own personal specifics.