Here’s our first “Tough Question of the Month” blog post!

Little One: “Mommy, if Papa doesn’t believe what you believe, where will he go when he dies?”

Mommy: “Well, my love, in all truth, no one really knows where you go when you die. We all just make our best guess. Papa believed that when he died he would go to Heaven. Do you remember when we talked about what Heaven means to some people? Mommy believes that your soul is reborn, so I think that Papa’s soul will be reborn too.”

Little One: “Maybe his soul will take a break in Heaven and get a rest before being reborn.”

Mommy: “I think that sounds very nice.”

Some things I like to keep in mind when my little one asks me tough questions¬†is to keep the explanation loving, simple, and open. And I try to never shoot down his ideas and suggestions, even if it isn’t what I believe. I want him to explore his own soul and his own beliefs. It’s my goal to make him feel comfortable asking those questions and also comfortable expressing his own opinions and beliefs to me.

What tough question were you asked by your little one(s) this month?

Bright Blessings,