My son has a new found interest in my beliefs since Beltane, which is wonderful and exciting! I’m absolutely thrilled. For a while there, I was feeling a bit like a fraud, writing about sharing beliefs with children, while my own child couldn’t care less! I suppose that it’s true, even though they seem as if they aren’t listening, they’re still picking up the information we’re putting out there.

This past week he had a whole slew of questions about the Goddess and the God, why we honor them, and how. As I teach him, I find that I am learning so much.

I pulled out what I have deemed my “Witchy Box”, full of herbs, candles, crystals, totems, etc., and started showing him some of the items that I use to represent different aspects of deity. Here is how our conversation went:

“Mom, can we light a candle for the Goddess and the God.”  Um, YES! (Inside I was more than a little excited that he had suggested this on his own, but of course, I played it cool.)

“Absolutely, Sweetheart! Let me see if I can find one.” I pulled out a candle specific to the Horned God, which I found fitting for the time of year. And I kept digging. (I may or may not have a bit of a candle collecting problem…) I was digging, in vain, for a silver candle to represent the Goddess, because, well, tradition.

“Mom, are you looking for a Goddess candle?”

“Yes, honey, I’m looking for a silver candle. That is the color we use to represent the Goddess.”

“Well, how about an orange candle? I think we should use orange.” He pointed his little finger at an orange chime candle that may or may not have been sitting amongst a ridiculous amount of various colored chime candles.

“No, Sweetie, we use-” and I looked at his little face and thought, Well why not? Why can’t we use orange?  If he is really feeling like orange is right for this, then it is!

Intent and intuition over ritual. I used to truly believe and practice that. When did I become so overly ritualistic that I would squash my own son’s intent and intuition? I am such a huge believer of just using what you have, making do, and that the intent and energy you put into any ritual, spell, or prayer will overpower any “wrong” colored candle or “inferior” ingredient substitution.

So, we lit the Horned God candle and the orange candle and sat in the glow of the flickering flame, cuddling, and letting all the energy and love wash over us. My little witchlet looked up and smiled at me. It was perfect. Exactly how it should be, orange Goddess candle and all.

What have you learned from your little ones lately?