This month I faced the fact that my best friend is moving to Alabama. I know it’s not new, I’ve been helping her fix up her house to sell so she can get south and join her husband. But she has an offer now and it’s real now.

This weekend I was over helping her get rid of some last items and she gave me some plant cuttings and a singing bowl. I had commented on one set up in her office and she said she had another. An older one tucked in behind some tools and random bits in a utility closet.

It’s beautiful, simple, soft golden color glows from on top a simple metal stand. It’s dented wood mallet a reminder of when it’s been used before. I am amazed at the peace it brings me just looking at it from time to time. The joy I am having introducing my kids to its sounds and letting them make their own with it.

It was a wonderful gift when she gave it to me a day ago. But tonight it became even more so. It reminded me that when someone brings angry words and feelings against me unfairly, that I didn’t need to react with anger and retaliate. In fact, as I sit here and listen to the soft, deep echoes fading I find I feel sadness for them. I find I wish them to find their positive self and let go of their unfair anger.

You see, I had been hanging onto my breath… I knew this person would find a way to be angry and I would feel angry and hurt and try to find a common ground. Now, I no longer feel I have to.

No, of course, it wasn’t really the bowl that made me realize that. But it was looking at that gift, given with joy and happiness and accepted with the same feelings. That soft glowing bowl whose voice was soothing, that let me find my positive and let go of their unfair anger.

– T.S.