My son has been terrified of the dark lately. He seems to be more sensitive than the bulk of his peers who are into zombies and other scary things. It’s been a struggle getting him to sleep. Even our typical bedtime Home Protection Visualization and my other anti-nightmare tricks are no longer doing the trick.

So, I asked him what exactly was going on and what he needed. He told me that he was having nightmares and couldn’t control them.

I almost responded with “well, just put me in your dreams and I’ll take care of the monsters for you!” But I remembered what I felt like when my father would tell me that. I had every confidence that my father could protect me while awake, but I had no control over who was in my dream. I felt frustrated that he couldn’t understand that I couldn’t simply just plop him in my dream.

Instead, I suggested a dreamcatcher. He was really excited about the idea and he said it would help him a lot.

This is the part where I wish I were able to say that we soaked willow branches and gathered feathers and stones to make our own dreamcatchers. And of course, proceeded to give you an amazing tutorial on how to make them. But at this time, Mommy is exhausted, overworked, and doing her best to fit in 3 meals a day and 8 hours of sleep. Moving sucks, folks. I hope I don’t have to do it again for a long time.

If you want to create you own, here is an amazing tutorial (I adore the “stardust bottle” she created for hers.).: Dream Catcher Tutorial

I also purchased a kit a while back from Janet Callahan, but where that kit went, I won’t know until we’re unpacked.

So, instead of being a crafty mama (no pun intended), I went to our local New Age shop and purchased a pre-made one.

That night, my son slept soundly. And, finally, so did I.

The next night, however, didn’t go as well. My son insisted that his dreamcatcher was full. Who am I to say that it isn’t? Instead of arguing with him, we came up with a simple ritual to “empty” his dreamcatcher.

I did some research on cleansing dreamcatchers and found a lot of articles that suggested smudging them. However, I wanted a more practical answer, one that we could do everyday, and really, one that my son could do on his own. After all, he should know how to take care of his own magical and spiritual items.

Dreamcatcher Cleansing Ritual


“Full” dreamcatcher


Smoky quartz

Step 1

Remove dreamcatcher from it’s place above the bed, first thing in the morning.

Step 2

Hang “full” dreamcatcher in a sunny window.

Step 3

Place a piece of smoky quartz close to the dreamcatcher to transform negative energy into positive energy.

Step 4

At bedtime, replace the dreamcatcher above the bed.

Simple and child friendly, what more can I ask for?

Sweet dreams to all of you!