A Letter to Parents

Dear Parent,
When we embarked on the journey of creating this series, we asked ourselves many tough
questions. How are we going to keep this as inclusive as possible? What is the best way to
provide assistance to parents without offending or excluding? How can we show Paganism
as joyous and beneficial despite stereotypes that our faith is more dark than light?
Our answer was this: “We will try our best.” And so we have.

Of course, we understand that Paganism is an umbrella term for a multitude of faiths and
that there are a plethora of faiths and beliefs held by practicing Pagans. We have, as aforementioned,
tried our best to represent an open, general idea of some Pagan beliefs, and we
apologize if we have missed something that is important to you. If there is a topic that you
would like to see covered in this series, please contact us via our contact form, Facebook, or Twitter.

We purposefully split the series up into many small topics, so that parents can more easily
pick and choose which topics they want to present to their children. We have kept the topics
simple so that you might expand with your own personal specifics. You’ll find important
terms in green italic font—helpful ways to explain these terms are found in the glossary at the
back of the book. There is also a fun activity to engage your child after each topic discussion.
As you’ll find, these books are only an introduction for young readers and not meant to be
the “be all, end all”. We hope to, in the future, create books that serve the same purpose for
older children as well.

We hope that you enjoy the series together with your children and use it to open discussion
about your faith.

Thank you,
Rowan Moss and T.S. Lamb