There are enough tough topics to talk about as a parent…

Explaining your beliefs to your child shouldn’t be one of them. How often are you left tongue-tied or stuttering while trying to explain some of the concepts of your beliefs to your child?  It’s not that you don’t understand them, but sometimes, explaining them in terms that a child can understand and process can be tough. That’s why we created The Pagan Children Learning Series; a set of books and other learning tools meant to open up communication between Pagan parents and their children about their beliefs.

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Religion in Schools

I was going to write a post about the Pledge of Allegiance this week, but some discussions lately have made me think that perhaps I should start with something a little more general. As a Pagan parent, I have run into some bumps in the road with my son at school....

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A Ritual for Samhain

I'll be honest with you, except for the one time we celebrated Samhain with our Circle, I typically celebrate Samhain alone. Of course, we set up a family altar with bits of the season and any nature my child brought in to add. But when it comes to ritual, I've been...

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Dealing with Your Own Emotions as a Parent

This isn't about pagan parenting, in particular, but I've felt called to share this with you anyway. I think it's so important for parents to share our both struggles and our victories. It has been a tough few months for me. A lot of emotional things have been coming...

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Visit our whole series of learning tools created to encourage and enhance the sharing of your beliefs with your child.


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